Removals Cricklewood NW2

Removals CricklewoodIf you don’t have the time, means and energy to deal with your own house removal (which mind you, is perfectly understandable) then by all means contact us and we will organise and handle the entire project from start to end, in the most efficient and reliable fashion. We take the guesswork out of moving and ensure every aspect of the relocation is planned, executed and completed accordingly. If we weren’t so meticulous down to the smallest detail, we wouldn’t be the preferred moving company in the NW2 area!

Our range of domestic removals in Cricklewood is the most efficient and reliable way to relocate your home’s contents without risking damage or suffering the usual astronomical costs which come with specialised removal solutions. We will reduce the overall expenses relating to your removal through:

  • Working with specially trained movers who know their work inside out. Our guys will handle all stages of the relocation with professional pace, precision and efficiency. There will be no risk of damage, delays or other such nuisances;
  • Covering all stages of the relocation from start to end – our movers will expertly deal with all prep work like packing and securing of items, labelling boxes and listing contents, colour coding similar or identical items, loading, unloading and unpacking on delivery, as well as any other additional chores which may arise along the way;
  • Ensuring safe and efficient transportation – we maintain a fleet of specialised removal vehicles of different size and load capacity, our vans are clean, well-kept and fully equipped for the job;
  • Adequate planning and efficient scheduling – we will arrange for the removal to take place in a suitable (off peak) time and day of the week as to avoid excess disruption to your daily schedule and commitments;

Overall our domestic removals in Cricklewood are the sensible and cost effective way to relocate your home contents without breaking the piggy bank – you will benefit from a custom tailored service quote, and a very modest hourly rate of £65 per team, with a 2 hour booking minimum.

We know that people have various removal requirements in terms of scale and complexity, some elaborate others more basic. In light of this, our NW2 based private and business customers have access to flexible and efficient man and van in Cricklewood. The van hire service is inexpensive (only £30 for 1 driver and 1 van per hour, with a 2 hr booking min.) and highly versatile – a perfect alternative to our full scale removals. Use our man and van in Cricklewood for:

Removal of single items like appliances and furniture / Relocation of high value belongings like antiques and artwork; Fixed schedule pick-ups and deliveries for commercial clients;
Student relocations / partial property removals; Business 2 business / business 2 customer deliveries;
Internet order / store purchase pick-ups and deliveries; Private order pick-ups and deliveries to/from customer specified location;


Business customers in NW2 looking for efficient and budget-friendly commercial property removals should definitely turn to us as we have the technical capacity and service expertise to deal with a range of commercial property removals. We know that in this case time is money therefore we will be punctual and efficient. We will have you settled and ready for business before you know it. Your commercial property relocation will be overseen by a qualified logistics expert who ensures every stage of the project is going according to plan schedule and budget.

We also offer a flexible and cost-effective storage options to all customers. Items can be collected from a customer specified address and then taken to storage. We can also release and transport items to pre-set customer location after agreed storage period has expired. There is no time limit bounding our storage contracts so we can keep your items safe and secured for as long as needed. Please speak to our consultants for more information on the storage options we offer.

Modern day Cricklewood is a suburb of northwest London, not too far out from Charing Cross. Administratively and geographically Cricklewood is split between three London boroughs – Barnet, Brent and Camden. The settlement formed along the ancient Roman road (Watling St), which is now Edgware Rd. Development, dense built up and urbanisation came with the arrival of the railways and the underground which happened around the same time in the eighteen seventies. Cricklewood itself, is a suburb of contrast, not social or economic but purely geographical – the busy and bustling Cricklewood Broadway with its many commercial establishments contrasts the quiet Victorian and Edwardian residential streets which surround it. Cricklewood has large Irish population and strong links to the Emerald Isle.