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Removals Cricklewood NW2

If you don’t have the time, means and energy to deal with your own house removal (which mind you, is perfectly understandable) then by all means contact us and we will organise and handle the entire project from start to end, in the most efficient and reliable fashion. We take the guesswork out of moving […]

Floor Cleaning Cricklewood

Floor cleaning is not the hardest cleaning chore in the world, but it takes a decent amount of time and lots of effort to yield the right results throughout the property, especially if the place is fitted with different flooring surfaces which require a specific cleaning approach. Our professional floor cleaning service available to customers […]

Driveway Cleaning Cricklewood

The driveway is an important property feature which provides for both functionality and style. With everyday use though the driveway will become dirty and worn, another factor which affects the driveway’s appearance is weather exposure. Heavy duty use and the elements can turn the driveway into a messy, discoloured patch, which doesn’t fit the rest […]

Patio Cleaning Cricklewood

Exposure to the elements throughout the year, along with frequent use, can leave your patio looking a little worse for wear than it should be. Caring for the patio accordingly is quite important if you want to keep this stylish and functional property feature looking better for longer. The average patio is exposed to bad […]

Hard Floor Cleaning Cricklewood

Hard floors are a good alternative to carpeting as they are relatively easier to keep clean and stain free. Having said this, hard floors are also quite expensive to purchase and install, also they require regular, specialised cleaning and maintenance in order to keep them free of any blemishes and damage. All this goes to […]

Professional Cleaning Cricklewood

Professional cleaning is one of our specialities and we are quite serious about our work, and the level and quality of results we deliver to our customers. Professional cleaning requires a certain amount of technical expertise, the right set of practical skills, and an eye for detail. As mentioned, we have taken the time and […]

Commercial Cleaning Cricklewood

Professional grade commercial cleaning is one of our specialised service options suitable for a range of different establishments and businesses. Commercial cleaning is a high responsibility process, which is best handled by qualified, skilled cleaners such as ourselves. For many commercial establishments, a clean, perfectly sanitised environment and interior is more than just a necessity, […]

Mattress Cleaning Cricklewood

Mattress cleaning may not be the most popular cleaning service around, but many people would be well aware of how important good mattress hygiene really is. When new, a mattress if free of any dust, bacteria, pollen and allergens, in time though, with everyday use, the mattress will begin to accumulate a great deal of […]

Dry Carpet Cleaning Cricklewood

Professional dry carpet cleaning is one of our specialised cleaning services we offer to domestic and commercial customers in Cricklewood. Dry carpet cleaning is a relatively new cleaning method, developed in order to optimise steam carpet cleaning through a reduction of drying time. Dry carpet cleaning is also considered to be a non-aggressive cleaning method […]

Window Cleaning Cricklewood

Window cleaning is not only hard work but the process itself can be dangerous sometimes as some windows are quite high off the ground. We recommend customers not to attempt to deal with such specific and complex cleaning chores on their own, but to let us handle the situation effectively, as we provide a professional […]